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Design Analysis UK Ltd setup in 1989 offering a wide range of skills
in Printed Circuit Board Design, Layout & Signal Integrity Analysis.
PCB Design flows incorporating Mentor Graphics Expedition, PADS,
Hyperlynx, Cadence Allegro, Zuken Cadstar & Altium Designer.
PCB designs using Desktop Sharing Technology enabling
multiple engineers to review and influence the PCB layout
process in real-time to make working together efficient and easy.
Desktop Sharing Technology enables you to see
and follow what your designer does, make
suggestions, point your mouse while discussing
changes, even move components, as needed.  

Ideal for RF designs where engineering
input is most important.

We have been able to work with our customers
across the UK, in Europe and Melbourn Australia.

We are also able to offer Onsite Design services,
designing at your site for part or the full duration
of the project.